Slugs, Elvis and Instagram

Gutted today when I saw a massive slug on the pavement in Dolgarrog and I thought I better take a photo of it for Sal (who apparently really loves slugs), when I went to the camera I found the battery had been drained. It was an awful moment I tell you. I think I'd left the wi-fi on after when transferring photos from the camera to the phone yesterday. Doh! Anyway after that schoolboy error that meant that Sal hasn't got a photo of a slug from me today.

Still, I managed a few photos with my poor phone and a couple were good enough to make it on to my Instagram feed as part of my #DailyDeliveryPhoto

I didn't use Instagram for quite a while (i.e. when I was without my iPhone) but am back in to using it now. Feel free to click through and see lots of photos of Liverpool, pubs, Wales and random stuff (like me and Elvis).


In addition to the general Instagram above I also have one just for pubs and real ale to run alongside my @RealeLiverpool account, so if you're more into beer, pubs and Liverpool then you may find a couple of suitable pics there too to whet your whistle.


As for tomorrow, I have my camera on charge. So if I see any slugs I can sort, Sal.


Back to the Future

I realised today that I've been away from Facebook for over 5 months now, how that has flown. The only tenuous link I still had was my GoT avatar which I have grown used to, but I think it is time to go back to the pre-FB avatar; to my very own Liver bird with Pen which I so painstakingly created. So farewell Tyrion Lannister 'the Imp', hello again Liver bird 'the Pen Wielder'.


It's also a little nod to getting back to some more writing. That's the hope at any rate.

At the same time I've moved on from the artwork from Weird Ales (Vol.1) to a photo I took some time back in Snowdonia. So it's all change on Twitter but in a back to the future kind of way.

Twitter Banner

Unwanted: Dead (Questionnaire) Time

Today started badly. Up for work then get a text saying 'there's not enough routes, stay at home'. Been promised work for rest of week, so not the end of the world - just like to pick my weekend (today's my Sunday I guess (after last Sunday was my Saturday)). The damn gig economy.

On the positive side it's given me time to get my Infernal Clock Questionnaire finished and sent of to Steph ready for DeadCades. It'll probably need more editing than the actual story did - sorry Steph.

It'll also give me time to type up my edits from the weekend for Project: Jaipur - yes, Jaipur is still alive, write a blog or two (including this) and get stuck into more writing (probably on Jaipur) and yes, I will manage a bit of guitar strumming.

Last night I rushed out a quick Fantasy Footy team, naffly named the Anfield of Dreams. May have time to revisit it today to swop a few players - and maybe rename. Starting point anyway is:


Keeping faith in Salah and Firmino though think it'll be hard for them to repeat last year's heights. Not a Man Utd player in sight - which is nice.

Owl Canyon Press Hackathon

Owl Canyon Press ran a short story competition a couple of months ago which was due to be announced in August. It was an interesting idea with the first and last paragraph of the story supplied by them the writers had to write the story in-between. To make it harder still the entire story was to be exactly 50 paragraphs AND no direct speech was allowed. Ouch!

So I thought well hey, worth a go. Not many people will wanna take that on. And I've hardly seen anybody mentioning it on Twitter which kinda supported this.

Cue email from OCP yesterday with an update. Er, seems my second guessing wasn't exactly spot on. There were over 900 entries! Results therefore around the start of September with so many to read. Bloody hell, 900+ entries - there really are a lot of writerers out there.

DeadCades Anthology

Looking forward to the Deadcades Anthology which is due for release in just a couple of months. Such great authors in there and they've nearly all got website things where you can read about them and their writings.


Yep, I'm the future - that's never been said before! Then again it could be why the future doesn't look good.

There's plenty of class acts and familiar names within the drabblers and dribblers too:

* Christopher Stanley * Michael Carter * Andrea Allison * Sean Fraser * Pattyann McCarthy * Dominic Davis * Ewan Smith * Arthur Unk * Bart Van Goethem * Voima Oy * F.E. Clark * Marc Nash * Stella Turner * C.R. Smith * Catherine Connolly *

Keep an eye on the Infernal Clock website to see how it progresses. Though I dare say I may mention it a few times.

St. Celynnin Church, Conwy Valley

Back in June I saw a church on the top of a hill miles from anywhere which looked interesting but didn't go and see. As I said at the time I wish I had once I looked up a bit about it. It's a 12th Century church which is impressive in itself, but its location makes it doubly intriguing. Well today I was up there again and the weather was good so I took the opportunity to walk over to see it.

Glad I did. It's a pretty building and the location makes it look beautiful. Didn't have time to look over all the graveyard much but I saw gravestones dating back to 1717 (Stella would be impressed).


There's a holy well in the corner of the enclosure, which may be why the church is there in the first place. Apparently there used to other buildings around the vicinity including roundhouses and even Roman buildings. And an adjacent pub (probably not Roman).


I'll put up some more background to the church - and maybe St. Celynnin, when I get the chance. But in the meantime just look at the pretty pictures.