Class Song Of The Day - YEAR TWO - April 2018

Started of with six of my random favourites to make a round week for my first artist week. Given my Twitter handle well it had to be Warren Zevon didn't it?

21 Counting Crows 'Mr Jones'
22 Wilco 'War on War'
23 Warren Zevon 'Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner'
24 Warren Zevon 'The French Inhaler'
25 Warren Zevon 'Excitable Boy'
26 Warren Zevon 'Splendid Isolation'
27 Warren Zevon 'Mr Bad Example'
28 Warren Zevon 'Mohammed's Radio'
29 Warren Zevon 'Desperados Under the Eaves'
30 Wilco 'Hell is Chrome'

17 Squeeze 'Up the Junction'
18 King Khan & The Shrines 'Bite My Tongue'
19 Ryan Adams 'Sweet Carolina'
20 Jayhawks 'Save It For A Rainy Day'
Warren Zevon

Loved Warren's song writing from the moment I found him, clever, funny and heartbreaking lyrics abound. He should have been a bigger star than he was. It is sad that the one hit in the UK was Werewolves of London when he had so many great songs in his catalogue. That said there are plenty of great bands and songwriters out there who never get one hit I suppose.

Unfortunately I never got to see him play live and he was a great performer - just listen to any of his live albums (Learning to Flinch (solo) or Stand in the Fire (band)). He died in 2003 from lung cancer and recorded songs as long as he could. His last album The Wind was recorded with many of rock's glitterati and his friends who appreciated him seemingly more than the radio stations (the album includes Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Ry Cooder, Tom Petty, Jackson Browne, Mick Fleetwood, Joe Walsh, Emmylou Harris, David Lindley, T Bone Burnett, Billy Bob Thornton ...). There's a great documentary out there about the making of the album which is lovely and heartbreaking in equal measures.

To see how much he was respected it's also worth checking out the tribute album 'Enjoy Every Sandwich'. The title of the album comes from his advice on the Letterman show when he was asked by David whether he had any advice to people, in the knowledge that he was dying. Letterman was a massive fan and Warren appeared on his show frequently.

Apart from the numerous compilation albums and the two live albums his studio albums comprise:

Wanted Dead or Alive (1969)
Warren Zevon (1976)
Excitable Boy (1978)
Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School (1980)
The Envoy (1982)
Sentimental Hygiene (1987)
Transverse City (1989)
Hindu Love Gods
(with REM members minus Michael) (1990)
Mr. Bad Example (1991)
Mutineer (1995)
Life'll Kill Ya (2000)
My Ride's Here (2002)
The Wind (2003)

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Class Song Of The Day 2 - May 2018

Followed up Zevon with weeks from Wilco, Counting Crows, Ryan Adams and Jayhawks. Bloody excellent stuff!

11 Counting Crows 'A Long December'
12 Counting Crows 'Mrs Potter's Lullaby'
13 Counting Crows 'Goodnight Elizabeth'
14 Ryan Adams 'I Love You But I Don't Know What to Say'
15 Ryan Adams 'Two' (live on Letterman)
16 Ryan Adams 'When The Stars Go Blue'
17 Ryan Adams 'Do You Still Love Me'
18 Ryan Adams 'Let It Ride' (live)
19 Ryan Adams 'Come Pick Me Up'
20 Ryan Adams 'This is It'

Following on from Warren Zevon Week, which was the first of the artists of the week for Class Song Of The Day (Year Two), it's now week two and this week's band is one of my most favouritest bestest bands ever ever. It's Wilco (the band not the Johnson).

They've released ten studio albums and an excellent double live album (Kicking Television, 2005). The studio album discography comprises:

A.M. (1995)
Being There (1996)
Summerteeth (1999)
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2001)
A Ghost is Born (2004)
Sky Blue Sky (2007)
Wilco (The Album) (2009)
The Whole Love (2011)
Star Wars (2015)
Schmilco (2016)

If you are coming to them for the first time maybe I'd recommend Summerteeth that said YHF or A Ghost... a difficult call.

You can also find the two albums they recorded with Billy Bragg, performing songs to lyrics from Woodie Guthrie; Mermaid Avenue I and II.

If you get a chance to see them live don't miss them. And prepare to be blown away by a tight band, immense tunes and some stellar guitar and noise from Nels Cline.
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