A.J. Walker

Writerers' Links

Links to Writerers and Writing


Terry Pratchett - Home of the wonderful comic fantasy books of Terry Pratchett
Margaret Atwood - Website for the unparalleled Margaret Atwood.
William Dalrymple - My favourite travel/history writer. Stunningly evocative and jam packed with information. Beautiful.

Flash Dog websites and blogs:

Mark A. King - Recent UK based novelist with 'Metropolitan Dreams'
Liz Hedgecock - Another UK novelist and novelleta.
Beth Deitchman - Yep, another US Flash Dog writerer from the lovely Luminous Creatures Press.
Emily June Street - California based noveller, including the Velocipede Races.
Casey Rose Frank - A freelance writerer and voracious readerer from the east coast of the US.
Tamara Rogers - Writing and Images from the wonderfully talented Flash Dogs cover artist.
Holly Geely - US based writer of novesl, novellas, and short story collections.
Steph Ellis - the prolific and wonderful Steph.
Tamara Shoemaker - fab writerer and wonderful editor from Virginia, US of A.
F.E. Clark - Great artist and writer from up in the north east of Scotland
Emily Livingstone - Fictionalist from New England

Podcasts and Magazines:

Clarkesworld - Monthly SF and F magazine and great podcast
EscapePod - A fab weekly SF Podcast magazine.

Flash Fiction Competitions and Challenges:

Angry Hourglass - Angry Hourglass 360 word challenge (currently under a hiatus)
Microcosms - Friday all day - 300 word max challenge
Mid-Week Flash Challenge - up to 750 word challenge from Miranda over at Finding Clarity
Thursday Threads - 250 word challenge, on a Thursday surprisingly
Flash Feed - over at Flash Dogs circa 300 word challenge (Thursday to Tuesday)

Writing Groups:

The Flash Dogs - Fabulous Flash and Short Fiction writers group, spread across the inter world.
The Poised Pen - Poised Pen, Liverpool Writing Group
NAWG - National Association of Writer's Groups (UK)
Writing on the Wall - Annual Liverpool writing festival