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Haven't taken many photos lately, I need to get back to doing it regularly. Put a couple of Daily Delivery Photos up on Twitter today and up on Flickr. It was a nice day after all.

My Flickr account has many more photos of course. Click on a photo to visit Flickr.

View towards Llanfairfechan from Sychant Pass.

Blue sky day on Llanfairfechan front

Nice Autumn Day in Llandudno

It was a lovely day today in the north west of England and north Wales. I was over in Llandudno on a route today and managed to spend ten minutes on the beach after delivering the last parcel. It was lovely to sit and watch the waves on the pebble beach and great for my #DailyDeliveryPhoto which I do on Twitter.



I love autumn on a clear day with the low watery sun, the cool crisp days, and the colourful trees and fields. But today I was on the coast and got to enjoy watching the waves and listening to the water rush over the pebbles and hear the pebbles running back down over the beach. Was a lovely ten minutes; unfortunately after the clocks change next week it'll probably be dark by the time I finish the route... so maybe I'll have to take ten minutes in the middle of the route to guarantee a nice view and a few mins of relaxation (and nice photos).







Five Minutes

It's been hard working the last few weeks at work. Some of these routes they are giving out are really taking the Michael especially with delayed start times. Ho hum.

Still, it's nice to get out and see the country and when the weather and light is nice it's even better.

Today I took a whole 5 minutes to walk from a delivery which happened to be up by the obelisk above Llandudno Junction at Bryn Pyrdew. The obelisk is on a limestone grassland classed as a SSSI. I don't know me limestone flowers but there were some nice small flowers about even though it's mid October.



It was a tiny wee five minutes break, but it was lovely and I must do it more often.


Daily Delivery Photo week


It's been a long hard week at work but managed to keep #DailyDeliveryPhoto largely updated with some nice shots - when I remember to take my camera with me.

P1020284 P1020289

P1020298 P1020270

P1020230 P1020238

Next week I really want an easier day or five, but whatever plenty more pics. The days are drawing in which lessens the sunlight time but the low sun should give me a few nice pics of the ever changing colour of the trees and the hills of north Wales and beyond. I'll keep on a snapping!

Daily Updates: Every Day

Been doing better with my Daily Delivery Photo and my Class Song of the Day twittering than I could hope.

51 songs in to the #ClassSongOfTheDay Will I do the full year without missing an update? Oh I suppose not, but so far so good. Aiming to go the full year without any repetition of artist which means I am having to keep a spreadsheet. I tell ya, that is serious business. Been a good mix of singers, bands and genres. But I should push the envelope a little at some point. I've got the spreadsheet sorted until mid-July and there's plenty of classics coming up!

Today's song is from
Shakira when she was brunette, strummed a guitar and sang in her own language. Some things never change hey!?


Here's the 51 artists so far in the order they have appeared. It looks like a great festival line-up:

Natalie Merchant - Mark Knopfler - Pixies - Arctic Monkeys - Belly - REM - Diesel Park West - Blue Aeroplanes - Jayhawks - Teenage Fanclub - Robert Cray - BB King - Felice Brothers - Radiohead - Del Amitri - Cranberries - Black - Queen - Frank Turner - Neil Young - Ryan Adams - Bryan Adams & Tina Turner - John Hiatt - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Stornoway - British Sea Power - Eurythmics - Cast - Boo Radley’s - Tears for Fears - Echo & the Bunnymen - Wah! - The La’s - Beatles - Cracker - Deer Tick - Gun’s n Roses - Black Crowes - Heart - Sigur Ros - Decemberists - Jeff Buckley - Magic Numbers - Adele - Ben Kweller - Blues Brothers - Jimi Hendrix - John Lee Hooker - Broken Family Band - Santana - Shakira

Every so often I update this as a Playlist on Youtube so I can find them in one handy place:

YouTube: ClassSongOfTheDay

In the meantime keep an eye out every morning at
8am (UK) @zevonesque


Great to get the #DailyDeliveryPhoto up and running again this last week. And had some loverly weather for it in north Wales this week too!

Keep an eye on my Twitter feed
@zevonesque or look up the hash tag!


P1000535 Wales 2
P1000562 Wales 3
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