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Class Song of the Day

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In April 2017 I began a daily tweet #ClassSongOfTheDay which goes out each morning at 8am UK time. The first song was 'San Andreas Fault' by Natalie Merchant a big favourite of mine when I played that CD to death while I was working in Mexico in 1996. All the subsequent songs have meant something to me also, though not necessarily whilst in Mexico.

These pages feature links to songs I've put up (though won't be updated every day - that is too much to ask) and maybe some bits and bobs on bands and music. Year One of ClassSong featured a different artist each day with no repeats throughout the year. Year Two though is different (largely to stop me having to find another 365 artists - it all takes time you know) and will feature artist weeks and theme weeks. Stand by to stand by for a week of Warren Zevon and of Wilco, and Counting Crows, Ryan Adams, Neil Young and on and on...
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Music is one of my loves. I know a few people who live with barely any and don't know any bands past the 1980s that they just couldn't avoid. It does not compute with me. Music is a natural thing and grabs you by your most important bits - the head and the heart - and continues to be made by great singers, songwriters and bands. There's loads of great bands out there even if they need a bit of work looking up.

Personally I think you could do worse than perusing Uncut each month. They've introduced me to many an Americana band and I thank them for that.

In the meantime if you want to check out what I've been posting then search for #ClassSongOfTheDay on Twitter. Or just follow me on @zevonesque and see what comes up tomorrow at 8am.