A.J. Walker


Class Song Of The Day - April 2017

Songs 1 - 14 of this first year of Class Song as would continue for the year features a mixed bag of styles and decades, a strong start to the quest for 365 different songs and artists over the year to come...

17th Natalie Merchant 'San Andreas Fault'
18th Mark Knopfler 'Going Home'
19 Pixies 'Here Comes Your Man'
20 Arctic Monkeys 'When the Sun Goes Down'

21 Belly 'Feed the Tree'
22 REM 'Imitation of Life'
23 Diesel Park West 'All the Myths on Sunday'
24 Blue Aeroplanes 'Jacket Hangs'
25 Jayhawks 'Blue'
26 Teenage Fanclub 'I'm in Love'
27 Robert Cray 'Consequences'
28 BB King 'The Thrill is Gone'
29 Felice Brothers 'Frankie's Gun'
30 Radiohead 'Fake Plastic Trees'
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Class Song Of The Day - May 2017

Songs 15 - 45 of this first year of Class Song as ever features a mixed bag of styles and decades but mainly 90s and beyond.

1st Del Amitri 'Nothing Ever Happens'
2 Cranberries 'Zombie'
3 Black 'Wonderful Life'
4 Queen 'Somebody to Love'
5 Frank Turner 'The Road'
6 Neil Young 'Hey hey, My my (Into the Black)'
7 Ryan Adams 'Gimme Something Good'
8 Bryan Adams & Tina Turner 'It's Only Love'
9 John Hiatt 'Have A Little Faith In Me'
10 Creedence Clearwater Revival 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain?'
21 Beatles 'Don't Let Me Down'
22 Cracker 'Shine'
23 Deer Tick 'The Bump'
24 Guns n Roses 'Paradise City'
25 Black Crowes 'Hard to Handle'
26 Heart 'Alone'
27 Sigur Ros 'Hoppipolla'
28 Decemberists 'This is Why We Fight'
29 Jeff Buckley 'Hallelujah'
30 Magic Numbers 'I See You See Me'
31 Adele 'Hello'
11 Stevie Ray Vaughan 'Pride and Joy'
12 Stornoway 'Zorbing'
13 British Sea Power 'Remember Me'
14 Eurythmics 'There Must Be An Angel'
15 Cast 'Fine Time'
16 Boo Radleys 'Wake Up Boo'
17 Tears for Fears 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World'
18 Echo & The Bunnymen 'Bring on the Dancing Horses'
19 Wah! 'The Story of the Blues'
20 The La's 'There She Goes'
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Class Song Of The Day - June 2017

Songs 46 - 75 of this first year of Class Song as ever features a mixed bag of styles and decades, starting of with singer songwriters and ending with the blues...

1st Ben Kweller 'I Need You Back'
2 Blues Brothers 'Stand By Your Man'
3 Jimi Hendrix 'Hey Joe'
4 John Lee Hooker 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer'
5 Broken Family Band 'Booze and the Drugs'
6 Santana 'Smooth'
7 Shakira 'Estoy Aqui'
8 Mana 'Oye Mi Amor'
9 Prefab Sprout 'King of Rock and Roll'
10 Stranglers 'Golden Brown'
21 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! 'Yellow Country Teeth'
22 Killers 'All These Things That I Have Done'
23 Bright Eyes 'Classic Cars'
24 Thea Gilmore 'Old Soul'
25 Aimee Mann 'I Should Have Known'
26 Sheryl Crow 'All I Wanna Do'
27 Joan Osbourne 'One of Us'
28 Beth Orton 'Stolen Car'
29 Amy McDonald 'This Is The Life'
30 Peter Gabriel 'Sledgehammer'

11 Status Quo 'Rockin All Over The World'
12 Warren Zevon 'Carmelita'
13 Simon & Garfunkel 'The Boxer'
14 Paul Simon 'You Can Call Me Al'
15 Wilco 'Handshake Drugs'
16 Talking Heads 'Road to Nowhere'
17 Pogues 'Sally Maclennan'
18 Regina Spektor 'Fidelity'
19 U2 'All I Want is You'
20 Cold War Kids 'We Used to Vacation'
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