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Seedling Challenge #85

How you all doing, folks? Back in work yet or still on extended holibobs? Whatever you're up to I'm sending you all my best wishes for this difficult time. Keep washing your hands, keep on keeping your distance and use your common sense with respect to face masks and all that (which means use them, you dolt). But still keep a notepad and pen, or a tablet nearby too; you can still write some.


If you've done a #VSS365 this week, have you do one that you think would be worth expanding on? Where have this week's prompts taken you with your wee Tweets? The famous VSS365 Prompter Baton for August is held by
@49JDBlood after a month of Greek we've moved on to Math(s), so in my case it's still all Greek to me.

So what is the Seedling Challenge? Simple: Just take one of your VSS365 tweets from the past week and expand it into a story of up to 365 words, that's a shed loads of words compared with a Tweet. If you want to, don't take one of the prompts: take a few of the them. Hell, use them all! But remember to wash your hands afterwards.

This week's words were:

  • quantity
  • existential
  • transitive
  • permute
  • set
  • metric
  • negative

You don't need to include your original VSS tweet as written within the text of the story (though feel free to), just use it as the seed for your imagination - take your tweet for a walk.

If you haven't had a chance to do VSS this week then you could write a few tweet length lines using the prompts above then pick your favourite. Or hell, be a rebel and just write a story based on one of these prompts.

Give it a go and see where your words take you. You'll find 365 words can take you a surprising long way. Looking forward to reading your stories. If you read the others up here (even if you're not posting your own story) feel free to comment about the ones that are up there; writerers like a wee bit of feedback.

Please include within the post your: Twitter Name, Word Count and Title (if you have one).

And after you've finished remember to wash your hands, then make a nice cup of tea!

Prompters for the rest of 2020 are currently scheduled as follows (note the list has recently been amended and is subject to change):

SEPTEMBER - @TheWritingKind 
NOVEMBER - A Multitude of Hosts picked by
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