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reALE Liverpool

I've had RealeLiverpool up on Twitter and Instagram for quite a few years. But haven't put anything up on the website for a long time. I used to have a couple of pub walks up on a former iteration of the website and I think it is about time new ones get put up here so people can look up the bestest real ale pubs and crawls around Liverpool. I'll put a few pdfs of suggested pub walks (or crawls if you prefer) up here and I'll probably do a blog (maybe weekly?). It's all up in the air at this moment. We shall see how it turns out. Could be a tiny part of the website or it could equally end up drowning the rest of the site.

If your interested in Liverpool and/or ale then feel free to follow me on
Twitter and Insta @realeliverpool All the links are on Linktree:


All the views expressed are my own. Hopefully you'll find bits useful or occasionally interesting once it's up and running. Take it easy, people – and enjoy some of these places if you get the chance. Drink responsibly-ish and be courteous to staff & customers alike. Support Your Pubs – use them or lose them.

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