A.J. Walker


The Golden Harvest

A Golden Harvest in Yucatan

Kaax considered himself blessed in the balmy heat and bountiful climate of the Yucatan. His land provided the best beans and cacao for many miles, and together his beautiful wife, Akna, they had a wonderful, loving home. He felt he earned more than he deserved. As the years past by though Akna grew despondent as the farm’s bounty failed to be matched in their life. She lost three children before ever getting to meet them. Sadness engulfed her like sinking sand. Kaax was at his wits end not knowing what to do. He’d told Akna he’d be happy to live without a child if the gods were so inclined. She didn’t believe him, or didn’t care. She wanted a child - or her life would not be complete.

His mother said that maybe there was a way. She told him of the Golden Cenote two days trek to the west of their village. And that a gift of gold there to Ixchel - the fertility god - may be all that was needed to bless the family. Kaax laughed at first - he’d always believed most in hard work not prayers. In any case his farm was productive, but the village was poor. What gold did he have to give the gods? ‘But your bees?’ said his mother. ‘Honey. Give the gods your honey. What could be more golden?’

And so he collected a precious urn from his mother’s and over the summer proceded to fill it. It would be a product of hard work: and prayers. He didn’t tell Akna of his plans. He didn’t want her to know, to believe, to throw more hope her way - lest it be dashed.

Later in the year he rode two days on his brother’s donkey to the Golden Cenote in hope, not expectation. He prayed at the edge of the deep drop into the watery cave below the forest before finally presenting the urn to the gods. He threw it into the depths and quickly turned away before the return journey home to his beloved wife. Nine months later their life was complete beyond all hope when Yolotli arrived.

Within the community it was observed that Kaax became more of a believer in the gods after the birth of their daughter - and he always sings to the bees.