A.J. Walker


New Year Audit

New Year Audit

A new year, again.
Another chance to draw a line,
and start anew.
A fresh page to start from scratch,
opportunities, new plans to hatch.
But didn’t I do it this time last year?
Where exactly did it take me?
What did I say?
More exercise, less beer, less
fatty foods, a ban on idleness and

I promised to write more ‘stuff’,
to learn the guitar and keep in better
touch with friends.
Where are they now? What has
I could have the same list today.
If I audited my management plan I’d
get a big fat failure.
Fine plan, but no

Where’s the monitoring, the evidence of success?
Lost friends addresses, an inch or two on the waist.
Says it all.
Could do better.
Couldn’t do worse.
This year I’ll add a line.
Need to meet myself once a week
to check progress against self
improvement plan.

Not sure I can attend,
every week.