A.J. Walker



Didn't win. but it made some people laugh, which is job done in my book. Time to roll the dice.

300 words. Microcosms No. 201 Prompts: Cosplayer/Back Alley Casino/ Comedy


Daniel was doing his best not to kick up any of the greasy mud which caked the Back Queens Street alley. He never knew where all the grease came from, nor the mud, the cobbles were well laid, there was no exposed soil and there were no greasy spoons putting their waste there - not without a commute. He was adamant he would not splatter grease on to his hired outfit before returning it.

He spotted the door he was after and carefully climbed the steps. Finally he was faced by the doorman.

‘What do we have here?’ the bruiser asked.

‘I’m Robin Hood, of course.’ Daniel replied with some trepidation; blood on the costume would be no better than grease.

The doorman put his head to one side. ‘I can see who you are dressed as, but why the hell?’

‘The Spider-Man costume was gone.’

‘You wanted to dress up as Spider-Man, but instead came as a sad old folk hero - to a casino? What the fuck?’

‘No. I’m here for the cosplayer event. It’s here isn’t it?’

The doorman’s face gradually progressed through thinking, smiling, and laughing before settling on nodding.

‘Yes, Mr Hood. Right place, wrong time. That’s next week. Tonight Robin, this is a casino. You want to play roulette or blackjack? Or you going to wait for Friar Tuck and Little John?’

Daniel cursed, but eventually went in; whilst promising himself to sort a diary.

He recognised the dealer on the blackjack, it was the lovely Joy L’al from the Back Alley Massage Parlour.

‘Hello, they’ve taken you on after closing the massage parlour then?’

‘No, Daniel. It’s diversification. We do usual after casino closes. You want play?’


‘Either, or both. With the cards I can’t promise you happy ending.’

Daniel wondered about possible stains.