A.J. Walker




Sylvia poured a second gin for Carole and herself. She prided herself in the creation of them.

‘These are always a true work of art, Sylv.’ Carole said. ‘If you ever come around to mine your getting a gin and a splash of tonic. Maybe some ice if I remember if I want to be fancy. I don’t even know what half the stuff is in here.’

Sylvia smiled. She didn’t have an artistic bone in her body, but when it came to gin something seemed to be unleashed.

‘Aye, it is easy. No trouble at all.’ 

Carole carefully tacked the gin trying to avoid stabbing her eye again with the straw, which was just there for effect or to jiggle around the cornucopia in the glass.

‘I suppose you should be good at making these.’ Carole said. ‘After all your years of practice.’

‘I’m not sure what you mean.’ Sylvia took it as a compliment at the time but would later wonder if it was the opposite. 

The third and fourth gins proved to be different again. And were more challenging to drink safely than they were to make.


This was written for Thursday Threads #442. But it was written on Friday i.e. too late for the Threads.
The thread that neede
d to be included was: 'not sure what you mean'.
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