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Hey, another Copaxone blog. Must be something wrong then? Nah. Just a note on how I’ve been finding it physically. I’ve been putting the jabs in without any problem so far (other than the very slight issue mentioned in the last blog). Thought it would be worth putting down how it has felt to me after the jab, so anyone starting up - or considering it - wonders how it will/should be (assuming I am in anyway “normal” (that seems a tad unlikely of course)).

I was thinking that I can feel something in the area of the jab (not from the needle; that’s fine). And not sore exactly just a little discomfort or something obvious but not concerning which I can feel when I move or stretch the area of concern. The relatively vague feeling lasts a couple of hours or so - and then becomes absolutely fine.

I spoke to my mate about it who has Type-1 diabetes and is jabbing himself every day four or five times. Chatting and it dawned on me that a) he’s used to stabbing himself daily multiple times - and I’ve only done it seven times so far and b) he’s injecting a fraction of the volume into himself that I am. I’m putting a whole syringe in (1ml) and he’s popping in whatever his calculated dose is at the time. But not one syringe worth.

So of course I can feel it in the area I’ve injected: there’s 1ml of liquid I’ve squeezed into the subcutaneous area of my belly so it’s going to feel a bit funny for a while before the liquid spreads out to wherever it has to go and visit.

Anyway, I hope you find this reassuring if you’re looking at or starting up. So far, so good. Onwards and Upwards!
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