A.J. Walker

Multiple Sclerosis etc

A Mellow Update

Today I had a double MS day comprising a Copaxone delivery and a call from the MS Nurse. The delivery came as timed: it was expected to be between 1 and 3pm and it arrived at 1:45pm including a handy text to say I was next up (only kinda handy as for all you know the previous delivery could have been 30 miles away - I’m guessing that isn’t usually/ever the case).

The call from the MS Nurse came just before 2pm, and it had been scheduled for 2pm. It was a really short call. I confirmed I had nothing to report re changes with my MS and wasn’t experiencing any significant issues, as far as I could tell, with the self injecting thing. Confirmed I was rotating around 4 locations (left & right belly and left & right leg) and that I was making a note of the location each time (and that I hadn’t missed any scheduled injections). All in all straightforward.

She said she’d schedule the next call/appointment for 12 months hence. Obviously in the meantime I’d call the Walton Centre if something changed or I need advice.

Hopefully things will continue as is…

Onwards and Upwards.