A.J. Walker

Multiple Sclerosis etc

A 3 Yearly Reminder of a Podgy Period

It was only just over a year ago I got diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis. I reported this after a few weeks to the DVLA and they wrote back a couple of times to say they were looking at it. In the meantime my licence stood as it was. Finally about a year later I've had a letter telling me I will be transferred to a three year Medical Licence. The medical licences apparently run for either 1, 2 or 3 years. So I guess it's the least in your face one.I can no longer drive buses or lorries without appealing it. It doesn't change for the kind of thing I may want it for (i.e. a car, a van, or a motorbike). But still it's a thing I guess which doesn't affect everyone and it makes you think.

Had to send my Driving Licence back today then and they'll issue the new one and then every three years afterwards - if necessary through consultation with my doctors, Hopefully they'll be joined up enough to contact my MS doctor rather than my GP, because my GP doesn't know diddly squat about the MS other than being copied in on some letters.

My driving licence dates back a while. And my photo has me caught in the headlights of a podgy phase. A new licence would be a positive thing. Apart from they haven't asked me to add an up to date photo. So it seems if I have to get a new licence issued every three years I'm gonna be stuck with the podgy period.