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An LFT Surprise

An LFT Surprise - and An Erroneous Injection

Last week I tried daily to get another pack of Covid LFTs via the website and by calling in on several chemists. I failed on all counts. This morning though I received a box in the post. So I guess they have decided to post them out unbidden in the first instance to those they consider at a higher risk - and MS is within that. It's a strange situation as I'm sure some people with MS are a lot higher risk than others - especially those on drugs which suppress the immune system. Thankfully I'm not on those drugs currently. Copaxone does not suppress the immune system, which is one of the reasons I chose the injection rather than the tablets originally.

I am not sure if having MS makes you 'immunosuppressed' per se. I mean your body is attacking itself, but it is the coating on the nerve cells that are attacked. I'm not entirely sure that that is the same thing. Ho hum. I think I need to do a bit more reading around it.


I took the opportunity to do another test this morning and saw that one wonderful line was unaccompanied. I'm continuing to wear a face mask on public transport and in shops, but confident enough to go to bars and restaurants where I don't use them. I know this confuses some people, but I'm comfortable with it. I'm not generally is small places and they're not often packed - and ventilation is usually pretty good. So far I've never been ill as far as I know; and I am yet to test positive with the LFTs (or the various tests I had when I was in the hospital being diagnosed with MS). Continued testing will be great. And despite what people think, it's not just a cold - and I would feel so guilty if I was the cause of someone else getting it who could no longer visit an elderly relative - or even just go on holiday. The government's messaging about Covid is so confused for people (I dare say by design). Telling people that they should isolate but don't have to is a nonsense. Yeah, but no but…

Made my first mistake with Copaxone last week when I forgot to change the depth of the auto injector. I ended up injecting it at 4mm instead of 8mm into my belly. It was too shallow for a subcutaneous injection. I won't make the mistake again. At least I'll hope not to.
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