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Been having problems with my knees for over a year now. I didn’t realise it was that long until I noticed when I had the X-ray done on my left knee (May last year—where does the time go when it’s not around here?). In January I had a week when I needed a walking stick—which thankfully so far has not reoccured. And on Friday I had my first "musculoskeletal" appointment at Fazakerley Hospital: I think this is basically a physio but with a more complicated spelling.

It was a good appointment—if taking about having osteoarthritis is ever a good thing. He showed the X-ray of my knee and pointed out the smaller gap between the bones. Ho hum. He showed me a few exercises to do to build strength in the legs. There is a slight weakness in my left leg but after walking funny for a year that would seem inevitable. But doing these exercises—with one of those resistance band thingymewhatsits—three or four days a week should help the upper leg strength and hips a fair bit and help in reducing the weakness and the pain in the knee joints.

He said a couple of things which helped: I’m apparently “high functioning”. Or perhaps I misheard and I’m just functioning and he thought I was a bit high at the time. He also said my weight was fine and I didn’t need to lose any. Huzzah—he’s on my Christmas card list! I guess lugging casks of beer around has helped on some of the fitness side. It was good that all we talked about was exercises and there was no need to talk in any seriousness about the dreaded knee replacement options. All good.

Trying to show me a page on the computer with the exercises on he found that the pages were “
still” not accessible as someone in accounts hasn’t paid for the software/website. So he ended up trying to write them down (not ideal, sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words). I should be able to remember them and I guess I’ll be able to find a webpage showing these same exercises too.

He didn’t notice my posterior dislocated shoulder and was quite surprised at that. He gave me a good exercise to help with that in addition to the ones for the legs. I’ve got a second appointment in six weeks or so, let’s see if I can keep up with the exercises. In the meantime if you see me crouching or slightly bent of legs in a shop, at a bar or a bus stop be assured I am just exercising—probably.
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