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Walking And All That

A week yesterday I was told I had MS and at this time a week today I was leaving the Walton Centre after the excitement of a Lumbar Puncture. It's been a funny week or two. I've had one non-funny turn of blind panic the other night, as described in my last blog Paranoid Andrew, but otherwise I've been okay.

Getting back to putting some distance in my legs, sometimes only walking up and down the rooms of the house. I walked 3500 steps on Wednesday and then aimed to double that yesterday (which I did), which is nothing compared to what I'm doing when at work - generally at work I do between 12 and 17k steps. At the moment I am assuming I'll be back at work by the end of next week if I continue to get my walking numbers up. If the current outbreak or episode or whatever such a thing is called remains as 'just' being some numbness in the legs and feet then I think that is doable. Fingers and toes crossed - though I won't be able to do that with my toes (or at least I wouldn't notice).

Expecting to hear from the Walton Centre about an appointment with the Doctor next week to go through the LP results and what will happen from then on.

This week then, in addition to walking each day, I'm looking at doing a (very) little DIY and some writing. Need to get my spare room sorted better for working in and/or playing the guitar.

Onwards and upwards.

Oh, and I did buy a pair of slippers. My bad.
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