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Anther Bloody Cold and Buzzy Week

This week I've been kind of waiting to recover from whatever I am suffering from - or maybe have it identified so it can be dealt with. Was hoping to get at least a date for the MRI, but there is no sign of that yet. The nurse who volunteered to take my bloods did so on Tuesday, which was great - it wouldn't have been taken until next week otherwise, which would have pushed things back another week, if I'd had to wait for sampling from one of the blood centres.

The taking of the bloods was fun: in that she struggled to get a vein and had to go for a second attempt. When I had tests at the start of the year the nurse commented at how easy it was to take the bloods. I think it has to be something to do with my sudden bout of everything being 'unusual'. Hoped that the results would be sorted by Thursday or Friday. As it was whilst I was chasing the results by phone on Friday afternoon the doctor, who was off, sent me a text as the the bloods had come through. Apparently they showed I was deficient in folate. I won't know until I see the doctor how likely it is to be the reason for my current issues or a side show discovered whilst investigating it. We shall see.

The fact that my nerves are fooked from my waist down to my toes - and that hasn't changed in the last week - seems a bit over the top compared to some of the typical symptoms of folate deficiency. As it is the feelings down both legs on all sides are messed up. The feet have strong pins and needles now and it is less like walking on soft mattresses when I am out for a stretch and more like walking on broken mattresses. Other than that had a bit of dizziness but nothing major. Of course that may have been something and nothing, now every little thing I feel comes with a 'is it a symptom' question. I'm also wondering if I've had weight loss or not. I don't weigh myself so I have no records to follow - all I know is my jeans are very loose. But that may be because I'm around the house without a belt on more. Maybe I should take some weight measurements and see what follows.

Been taking the folate pills since Friday. Not sure how quickly that will do anything, or indeed if it will do anything significant anyway.

For now I've got to see if I can get to see the GP early this week to discuss. I'm not sure that the folate deficiency is the cause of my current issues. I mean it is not that unusual an issue and yet the GP and the neurologist both thought the symptoms were very unusual - and looking at the list of typical symptoms of a folate deficiency:

  • weakness
  • fatigue
  • trouble concentrating (or something like that)
  • headache
  • bloody irritability
  • heart palpitations
  • sores on the tongue or mouth
  • a change in colour of skin, hair or fingernails (I may be a bit greyer?)
  • shortness of breath.

…well I don't have a single one of these.

I need to cross my fingers that the MRI can get sorted so that it can do its job in looking for other internal issues. Fingers crossed for the MRI soon. In the meantime it would be nice to simply wake up with the legs feeling good and everything to have moved on as if by magic.
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