A.J. Walker


A Cold Spring

It's only been a month since my MS diagnosis but if feels like several months have passed. I haven’t done an MS Update for over a week now. That’s largely because there isn’t much to report in that things are pretty much the same. I’m still fine moving around and doing 10,000 steps a day and all that. Last week I walked over 40 miles, which is pretty good. I have no pain or other symptoms, there are no signs of things getting significantly worse - so perhaps it's happy days.

The main symptoms I'm having at the moment are numbness and tingling to varying degrees. When sat or lying around I don’t notice it too much. But to touch the skin you can feel it very obviously. The infamous, awfully named, MS Hug doesn’t seem too bad at the moment. But the other side of this
Dysesthesia is a feeling of extreme cold. This is constant and affecting my arms, legs and torso and is not down to touch. I’m not used to feeling nesh and really want this to go away. But I suppose that at the end of the day feeling bloody freezing isn’t the end of the world when there are so many worse things it could choose to do.

Onwards and upwards (and bring a jumper).
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