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Live & Learn

Yesterday was my 3rd Copaxone jab ever; and hence my second go on my own. Wonder if I’ll count them all? Probably not. Let’s face it, it should be just multiplying each month by the 12 jabs. It went okay. Apart from I tried doing it without using the booklet. Probably should have done it a few more times before doing that; rather than just the once.


I made one slight error; which I won’t make again. May have resulted in the needle being at a very slight angle from what it should have been. Certainly felt it a little more than last time when I removed it. And it looked a little out of kilter after I took it from my stomach (LHS). Put it a few inches to left from last time I used that side. The mistake was me taking the lid off the syringe before pushing the syringe back into the injector. My bad: I should have pushed the syringe into the CSYNC and then taken the lid off with its red top. Anyway I’ll live: And I’ve learned.

The strange thing with the Copaxone is that it is taken three times a week - exactly that and not every two days. So my next injection is an epic three days away. With electronic calendars it is easy enough to set up reminders anyway. Some people are on a lower dose but inject every day. I think it’s either 3 doses of 40ml or 7 doses of 20ml. Three doses seems best for me.

Onwards and Upwards (if slightly askew).

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