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Annual(ish) MS MOT

Every year or so I get a a meeting with my Multiple Sclerosis specialist in the—most excellent— Walton Centre and today was that day. It’s a bit of a funny one because of course you know how you think you are but there is always that element of doubt that they'll find something has changed that you haven't noticed yourself. Of course you can take the opportunity to report any changes and ask any questions.

The only thing I had to report really was that I’d been having issues with my knees over recent months which had consequently resulted in some quite bad issues with my legs a couple of weeks ago. I was majorly incapacitated for a few days—and for a short time I was seriously worried (Google searches at that time included ‘
how to walk with a cane’). But as the days after the most severe issues passed my calves and thighs both got less painful and it seemed clear that the issues I’d had with my whole legs (rather than just the knees) was a result of a long day standing up resulting in fatigue and me trying ferociously hard to remain upright and not folding in on my knees (and failing repeatedly). The strain in trying not to collapse on my arse was evidently felt in all the muscles I’d used fighting gravity (and the frequently failing had probably bruised my upper legs too). Fatigue is a common issue with MS but I hadn’t knowingly felt the effects of it before. I guess it really was a combination of my newly arthritic knees and MS (purely in terms of muscle fatigue)—and basically standing up for too long on that one day. I will definitely sit down more often when out and about from now on. That said over the last couple of weeks I’ve found when you are looking for a place to sit when you’re out it is amazing how difficult it can be to find appropriate places.
The doc confirmed it was likely to be that rather than anything directly MS related (but of course call up the Walton Centre if anything changes). And from the check up on eyes, coordination, arms and leg strength, and nerves/feeling etc he reported that everything was the same as when I first came. All in all
Happy Days!

Exercises. Exercises.

Of course it means I still have my knee issues to deal with, but it is great to be pretty damn sure it is not MS related—and my meeting final notes say I have not had a 'relapse' — Huzzah! So it’ll be a case of knee and leg exercises, rest when appropriate, and pain management. Google searches over the last few weeks have involved pain management and knee exercises. The joys of getting older: you really know you’re getting older when your last search engine entry was ‘
udder cream’ (thanks, Neil for that one).

Udder Cream. Really? Really!
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