A.J. Walker


A Weak Front Has Passed

A week ago I wrote my first blog under the RealeLiverpool banner to go alongside my rampant Twitter and Instagram accounts. I reported that in the first six weeks or so of the year I had gone to 64 different pubs – which was simultaneously shocking & impressive. A week later and it's my second blog, so where am I up to now? Firstly though what was the week of storms like beside blowy? Pretty good.

I visited several of my usual haunts, namely;
Keystone, Head of Steam, Dr Duncans, Fly in the Loaf, Angus, and the Bridewell. Oh and the Globe. The Keystone got a couple of visits including the Open Mic on Thursday evening. The Fly & Steam got visits for the football on Wednesday and Saturday respectively. These two pubs tend to be my go to destinations for football alongside a decent pint.

This kind of answers the question as to how many pubs I am up to now. Basically still 64. Yup, not a single new pub. Friday and Sunday were both spent at home sheltering from the awful weather. It has been awful, indeed it is the first time since the Met started naming storms that there have been three in the same week. I've lost a few fence panels at home, to go with an errant tile or two on the roof. I dare say some pubs are sending scouts out looking for garden furniture.

Liverpool aren't playing on the TV again during the week (though they are playing on Wednesday agains Leeds, Leeds). They'll next be on the TV on Sunday for their first final of the year (hoping there will be another (or two)) when they play against Chelski in the League Cup. The pubs will be bouncing on Sunday then.

I'll definitely be adding some new pubs to the 2022 roll call as a few mates and I are aiming to go to
Chester on Saturday to celebrate a friend's birthday. This time next week then I should be reporting 70 pubs then, in theory. Let's hope the weather improves a bit (a lot), as I am sick to the back teeth of the wind and rain.

Stay safe people. And visit your favourite hostelries – or wherever the wind blows you. They'll welcome the custom.