A.J. Walker


A Festival of My Own is a Crawl

Didn’t make it to the Beer Expo at Black Lodge Brewery last weekend but I did make it to quite a few pubs around Liverpool in its stead, including; The Vines, Grapes, Doctor Duncans, Dispensary, Ship & Mitre, Excelsior, Vernon, Rigby’s, Denbigh Castle, Lion Tavern, Belvedere, White Hart, Engineer, Queen of Hope Street. Not a bad crawl really and it was a festival in itself—though it was spread over a few days (of course).

The weather was kind to the festival goers (after the epic sky battle that hit it on the Saturday last year) and all the people I know who went had a reliably great time. I got a bit damp on Sunday with the heavy evening rain. But I’ll live. Had some nice beers, met some good people and had a fine time—even some nice food from One Pan Band at the Ship and a Scouse Pie in the QOHS. All in all a good weekend: apart from the hearing the news about Alan Hansen, which brought me down a bit—fingers crossed he battles through whatever the issue is. What a player—and he was playing at Anfield the first time I went to a game there in the early 80s.

Anyway, whilst beer festivals have their place—and some have large and loyal followings—remember folks that the pubs are there when the festival is gone. Go and support the pubs when you can or you may not have the opportunity in year—or months—to come. Drink responsibly, drink in pubs…