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Brexit: My Two Euros Worth

It says something that I don't have a Category on my website to put Brexit or politics into. I've got plenty for reading, writing, music and travel. Let's face it politics is something that happens around us and to us rather than involves most of us most of the time - other than voting. And that's the way it should be. If politics is suddenly the be-all-and-end-all, or the major topic of conversation, then it tends to mean something is wrong. So here we are on both sides of the Atlantic - and the Channel too - in a wee bit of a mess because something appears to be broken which we thought wasn't - akin to starting your car which worked yesterday but you concede today when the engine blows that maybe you haven't been checking the oil as much as you should have.

Anyway, like I say this is just a quick one before I go and play some guitar and read a book, before going to watch the Liverpool match with a pint and a couple of mates... get it? Music, books, beer, mates and football: that's the kind of stuff we want to be enjoying and talking about. Not the nonsense in Parliament, Brussels and beyond.

But these guys and gals on all sides of the House are fucking it up for us and it's doing my bloody nut in.

My points (and I won't expand on them at this time because my coffee is getting cold and my
Takamine is saying 'play me') on the whole horrible debacle are thus:

1. We should never have had a vote on it.
2. But when we did surely the majority required should have been something more sensible, like a two thirds for something so important.
3. That said the vote was made and - unfortunately, in my view - the UK voted to leave and so we should.
4. Scotland did not vote to stay any more than Liverpool or London did. And every time I hear someone from the SNP saying 'their' vote is getting ignored it makes my blood boil. The vote was for the UK as a whole. I voted to remain, Liverpool voted to remain, but the
UK voted leave and that's that. QED.
5. These guys and gals in Parliament are playing internal power games as if they were playing the fiddle while Rome burns. The myriad of different thoughts on what the Brexit that people voted for is a complete nonsense. There was not a
type of Brexit that people voted for. People just voted to leave. That's it. Did any of these politicians see the ballot paper?
6. It is as clear as the clearest day through the clearest glasses with the clearest hindsight that it is going to be impossible to satisfy everyone. Indeed due to the nature of the issue everyone will have to give ground and ultimately there will need to be an agreement that no one in the UK is happy with. Well that's surely just the nature of the beast. 48% of "The People" will be pissed off, whilst the other 52% can be divided into say ten or more camps. Okay, so maybe we can satisfy 5% of "The People" then.
7. The Second Referendum: How the hell is that going to solve anything. The 48% will hope they suddenly get to 50.00001% and then everything will return to 2016 and all will be well in the world? I don't see that as right at all. What if we make it best of three? Or maybe get Barnier and May to play stone, paper, scissors and televise it. It would be nice to think that one day we'll get a Government that governs. The problem with asking the people is that the wrong results happen (see 8. below).
8. Maybe give each of the Strictly dancers a Brexit strategy and we get the BBC viewers to phone in and vote for the one they want (not that they ever actually vote for the best of course - it's all about the journey).
9. And don't even get me started on the 'Six Tests' the first one saying "we must be no worse off from where we were..." may as well say we want to have our cake and eat it and the cake better be a nice one too. And then the other five tests include a magically refilling pint glass, unlimited cheese and a perpetual motion machine. The impossible list is something from a children's book:
"Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum I smell the chaos of a referendum". How do people actually go on the TV or radio and spout that shit without cracking up?
10. The politicians have got us into this mess by holding the vote and not preparing for the result. Whether they didn't expect it is neither here nor there. The leave campaign was inept of course, but surely in a two horse race you've got to be ready to consider that maybe the horse you're backing may not win. They are now lost and squabbling in a pitch black maze, whilst occasionally dropping hand-grenades and swinging swords (or maces) about. In the meantime the general public watches in awe at the incompetence and stupidity of it all. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't go in there carrying the purse of the nation and future aspirations for all who sail with her.
11. At least they'll have sorted the immigration issue. Before too long Europe will be worried about boats coming the other way across the channel. Okay, maybe not France, Spain or Romania perhaps.

Anyway, my coffee is now cold and needs topping up: for some reason I can't seem to drink my coffee and still have coffee. I blame Brussels for that.

Enough of this nonsense. I'll try not to comment on politics again.

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