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Of Tyres and Strained Faces

It made sense to take today off with going to the beer festival last night, although with the relatively late arrival at the festival I didn't actually have that many to drink so would have been okay to drive today. That said I had two tyres which definitely needed changing lest I risk a fine and points (or a blow out etc) so I scheduled that today and have boxed that off.

Given me a bit of time to strum in any case so I started with a new song today - 'Save It For A Rainy Day' by the Jayhawks, from their wonderful album 'Rainy Day Music' - if you ain't listened to the Jayhawks then you're missing a treat. Timeless pop songs with beautiful harmonies. Get on it, people.

Harmonies? Well that'll have nothing to do with me then, but a quick strum later and I've put it up on YouTube. I think now that I have enough songs to be getting on with the next thing to do is to learn to play the buggers better. Which means strumming patterns and throwing in some different chords or - god forbid - some riffs... Eek!

sing1 sing3

In the meantime I should also work on gig faces. 'Cos my lord the current ones aren't fit for purpose.

sing4 sing2

My initial practice for 'Save It For A Rainy Day' is on the YouTube music blog thing or whatever that thing is. Hopefully in a few months I'll be playing all these songs better in increments. Practice practice. Not sure I can do much about the face though.
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