A.J. Walker



Decluttering Flickr last night took a lot of time. It turned out in the end I had over 4900 photos in my Flickr account, which by today needed to be knocked down to teeny 1000 permitted for a free account.


It was a brutal exercise.

Needless to say the Flickr account now contains a lot fewer photos of Liverpool, pubs and North Wales. Although there are still a fair few of them.

Of course now all the albums are worthless with many of them now containing as many as one photo in them. So after all those deletions I will still need to go and edit/delete all the albums.

In future I'll have to be careful about what photos I put in the account. It'll have to be some sort of one in one out effort. Ultimately I suppose it'll end up being a bit of effort if more curated.

If you fancy seeing photos of beer, pubs, Liverpool, north Wales and some travels then check out my new leaner Flickr.
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