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Day Twenty Two: Of Butterflies, Doppelgangers and Chip Shops

Day Twenty Two was another work day, like most days. The weather was much kinder and I got back a bit earlier than yesterday from Deganwy. I wrote in two 'bursts' (or more correctly one burst and one stutter). Once in the late afternoon when I just about finished off Chapter 7, and then much later in the evening, when I did finally finish off the chapter and then started (just) Chapter 8 - Champagne Supernova.

To be honest I could and probably should have written a lot more. I wrote about 1800 words in the first stint and should easily have been able to write another 1000 or maybe even have doubled my output for the day. But I got diverted, after feeling good about achieving the 1667 words in one fell swoop, by treating myself to watching part of a box-set I had recorded on my set top box which I never got around to watching (from over a year ago!). I proceeded to watch THREE episodes of Boardwalk Empire (final series). I have only two episodes to go now, but really hope I don't come to regret not putting a few more words down when I had a bit of momentum. Still, I've ended up writing 2,308 words today which is 'above a par' score so I needn't be too hard on myself. It's just that so close to the end if I miss any days or get stuck on any I don't have that many days left to play catch up with!

Basically now with 8 days left I've got just over 12,000 words to do. If I did miss one day that would mean I need to be writing 1800 words a day (or just 1580 if I write each day). That said, the last four days I've written over 2000 words a day. If I can do that I'll finish with 2 days to spare! In short then, if I keep up what I've been doing I should be getting there. Not 'there' yet, so I'm not excited. This time next week though... ask me then.

Today I have been writing about Doppelgängers (such a fab word) and an hallucinating football player trying to catch butterflies or faeries on a pitch during a match. Tomorrow it's a story of champagne and horse racing. Cheating, gambling and more unlikely shenanigans in Cheltenham and Liverpool.

There maybe some football in the chapter, who knows? Not me, and I'm writing the bloody thing.

And I've still got the 'difficult Chapter 6' to go back to. I may have an idea. Or a germ of one.

Talking of germ; they bombed our chip shop. Erm, either that or I need to start thinking about the redraft and editing.

Today's WC: 2308
Total WC: 37,369
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