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Day Twenty Eight: NaNo - We Have A Winner!

Day Twenty Eight and it's a biggy. I only needed a par day's worth of words to get to the goal. So could I do it? You betcha!

Feel the power of my banner!:

In fact today I ended up with my best word count of the month to get near to the end of the last chapter, with a 3634 words down on the ole laptop.

I'd written all the chapters as stand alone documents so I had to string them all together into one doc and then paste them into the word count validator on the NaNoWriMo site. It took a minute or two to do its county thing and when the number came up (which was the same as the one in my document) it was lovely to see. A whopping 51,961.

I've still got some more words to go to actually finish the novel. As I need to finish of the last chapter and then go back and do the 'difficult Chapter 6' properly (I'm thinking Chapter 6 to a writer, may be like the difficult 2nd album to a band). But anyway it's there. I've hit my goal. I've gone and bloody done it! And no-one is taking that banner away.

So glad I've given it a go.

Will do my best to finish the complete draft and then come back and edit it at some point in the new year (NaNoWriMo do a thing early in the year where writers promise to edit and redraft their novels, so may sign up for that - or just do it in my own time).

Would be good to carry on with the momentum this has provided me. Then again it'll be good to get back to some reading again - I've had a whole month with little reading undertaken; so I've another book to finish albeit in another way entirely.

281116 Winner Graph

Today's WC: 3634
Total WC: 51,961
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