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Day Fifteen: Glass Half Full

Day Fifteen and that means I'm half way in days to the end of NaNo challenge. Of course the challenge is 50,000 words in 30 days so all things being equal to be around the 25k mark would be a laudable goal. And you know what, I've done it: Huzzah!

It was another working day, but an early finish meant I could get stuck into it late afternoon. By the end of the day I was still working on Chapter 5 (of 10) but I should finish that tomorrow. But I've got the word count up with an impressive 2839 words today, which is pretty much up there along side my best day.

This chapter is a bit sprawling (two Christmas parties and cunning plans will do that) and I'm sure it'll take a hit when it comes to editing, whenever this story gets revisited, but I've got my ideas down, some okay narrative and hopefully the right amount of jokes, farce and downright scary realism.

'Jokes, farce and downright scary realism' umm that sounds a bit too much like this year's elections. But there's no politics involved. Promise.

Chapter 5 is set in December and the season of football club Christmas parties. My main protagonist fails to take out TB Fergie despite a detailed and all too cunning plan that could not go wrong - until it did - predictably, but it doesn't end well for Carlos Tevez and it ended even worse for Joey Barton.

And as for the pink negligee, well the less said the better.

Todays WC: 2839
Total WC: 25,129

NaNo WC 1511
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