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Day Fourteen: Playing Catch Up

Day Fourteen was my first day back at work after a whole 2-day weekend. Saturday involved an ale trip to Leek and Macclesfield. Leek was excellent, Macclesfield less so. And on Sunday it was birthday central in my family and a lovely meal in Auberge in a less than sunny Southport. So writing took a back seat this weekend. Still, I did manage to write some notes on Saturday on the coach (before the ale) on Chapter 5.

Today after work I first had to write an article about a pub in Liverpool for BEER magazine. It was 450 words and it took me a while but I got there. Still need to dig out a few photos for the article too. Hopefully be in the Spring edition of the magazine.

Now that is out the way - barring photos and any revisions - I've no excuse. I got to write 1710 words today on Chapter 5 and hope to get to be close to finishing that tomorrow. That said that will be a tallish order. Finishing the chapter should leave me at half way in terms of both chapter numbers and total word count. It is a bit of a complicated chapter. Or it is the way I've started it at any rate. So we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, good to get some writing done again today.

WC: 1710
Total WC: 22,290

Keep writing dudes.
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