A.J. Walker


Old Stories To Reemerge

As per yesterday's post I have revisited stories I have written for flash fiction challenges many years ago. I used to have many on the website in years gone by, but as the website was updated these have been lost to time. So I am going to revisit some of the hundreds of stories and post them in the 'Fictions' section.

I expect to upload stories a couple of times a week. They'll be going up randomly from one or other of the challenges, and the stories could be as short as 33 words to around 700. But I'm fairly sure most will be be closer to 150-350 words.

First up today is
'Dogs and Lust' a 408 word story of unrequited, forbidden love and lust - featured on Mid Week Blues Buster back in February 2014. Woof!
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