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Pokémon Go


I’ve been playing Pokémon Go for a few years now after being introduced into it by several bar staff in different pubs. I am unsure whether I should thank them or blank them. But suffice to say I’m now at the mighty Level of 41. That’s largely down to me getting buses into and out of town. The number of Poké Stops I pass and Pokémon I see makes progress relatively easy. Of course whilst those 30 to 40 minutes each way have regularly been used for progressing on Pokémon I could have used to for reading. I mean it’s mind boggling how many books I could have read instead of this basically nothingy game. But hell, I like it. Every Perfect or Shiny I get makes me happy. Not insanely happy, but it’s a game isn’t it? And I enjoy doing well in games whether it’s Wordle, Connections, Scrabble, or Pokémon.

I deleted the online Scrabble game I used to play (Words with Friends) a few years ago as I couldn’t stop myself playing as soon as a move had been made by someone else whatever time it was played. I realised it was eating my time up throughout the day. I suppose at least Pokémon is usually just eating time up when I’m on a bus commute. And I can confirm that the No. 17 bus I get into Liverpool isn’t necessarily the best place for book reading. I may not have read that many more books really: and I’m Level 41 now—with 33 Perfect Pokémon and multiple Legendary and Mythical ones too. Bet you’re jealous. Then again, probably not.


My Fave ones? Well I guess the ones I use most for battles would be Primarina and Swampert, which are both 4* (aka Perfect) but I still need a bit of work to get the CP maxed out—and to get a Mega Swampert.


These are some of my current collections of Legendary and Mythical Pokémon:


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