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Discworld Audit Update

Following a brief visit to Henry Bohn's bookshop on Tuesday, where I bought Snuff and Men at Arms, it's time to update my Discworld Audit. There was a hard back of the Wee Free Men, which I haven't got yet. Um... maybe need to pop in later and just get it. They also had the Fifth Elephant, which I can't find in my collection but I know I've read... frustrating.

Have got stuck straight into
Men at Arms and it is full of cracking jokes. Love it. Dare say when I finish that I'll get Snuffed.

Here are the Discworld books in the order they were written (those in
bold are the books I have on my shelves, those in blue I ain't got).

So just seven to get; or six if I can find the Fifth Elephant.

Discworld Series:

The Colour of Magic (UL)
The Light Fantastic (UL)
Equal Rites (UL)

Colour of Magic

Sourcery (HB*)
Wyrd Sisters (PB)
Pyramids (PB) x2
Guards! Guards! (PB)
Eric (HB*)
Moving Pictures (PB)
Reaper Man (PB)
Witches Abroad
Small Gods (PB)
Lords and Ladies (PB)
Men at Arms (PB)
Men At Arms
Soul Music
Interesting Times (HB*)
Maskerade (PB)
Feet of Clay (PB)
Hogfather (PB)
Jingo (PB)
The Last Continent (PB)
Carpe Jugulum (HB)
The Fifth Elephant
The Truth (HB)
Thief of Time (HB)
The Last Hero
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
Night Watch (HB)
The Wee Free Men
Wee 223
Monstrous Regiment (HB)
A Hat Full of Sky (PB)
Going Postal (HB - with stamps)
Wintersmith (PB)
Making Money (PB)
Unseen Academicals (HB)
I Shall Wear Midnight (PB)
Snuff (HB)
Raising Steam (HB)
The Shepherd’s Crown (HB)

HB - Hardback
PB - Paperback
HB* - Hardback 'Rincewind Trilogy'
UL - Unseen Library Edition
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