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Fifty Can Wait

I can't tell you if I achieved my accidental quest in January as I never had a goal in mind; other than to get around a few places I haven't been to at all lately (in some cases for many years). Anyway other than the most churlish outsider looking in I've done more than enough – quest or no quest. At one point (even up to the last day of the month) I thought the quest could have become "50." After all everyone likes round numbers but I thought about it and decided not to pop out to get there as a last minute goal. Forty eight seems round enough.

I may do a write-up of the month's adventure at some point. Indeed I could add a pub & beer section to the website. In the meantime though here is a table showing every pub I visited in January in the order they were visited. Fifty can wait.

I'll definitely add a couple of pub crawl maps here. I produced them on an earlier iteration of the website.

The Forty Eight Pubs of January 2022:
48 Pubs
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