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Day Seventeen: Stress Test

Day Seventeen and another work day. It's actually been a strange few weeks delivering stuff for Amazon. They've been busy getting loads more drivers in and part of that has resulted in all of us having really small routes before the Xmas rush starts in earnest. It's meant I've had loads more time than usual to do things like... well NaNo. It would have been impossible to do this last year (we've over 50% more drivers now). Should mean it's better for the holiday period. The new guys after a few weeks of half days (or less) though won't know what's hit them shortly.

As part of the build up to the madness we started a three day 'stress test' to see how everything and everyone will do with the bigger routes. Meant a more usual finish for me (5:30pm). Losing that two or three hours I've had lately in the afternoon definitely impacted on the writing. I got down 1760 words eventually in the late evening. And still have some more to go - I'm still on Chapter 5! which I feel is probably a tad bloated now. Just need to finish it and move on. The bloatedness can be reviewed and it can be gutted at a later date.

In general I'm still on track. About 300 words ahead of par.

Part of the stress test is giving people something like 3x what we've been doing lately, which means that on one of the three days I'll be given off - as there are correspondingly less routes. So if I don't get any writing done tomorrow (I've a Low Anthem gig to attend) I'll have to write twice as much on Saturday or Sunday.

Anyway, time for sleepzzzz. More test of stress tomorrow.

Keep writing.

Today's WC: 1760
Total WC: 28,629
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