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Day Twenty One: 21Up!

Day Twenty One and I was aiming for another 2000 or so words to keep on track with my NaNoWriMo - staying on par with the 1667 per day. First things first it was a bloody awful wet day in north Wales where I was delivering and although it was slow and laborious I was still back at a decent time: last week's Stress Test was over.

Back home it was back on to Chapter 7 - and the whole accidentally drugged winger thing. It went well. For me, if not the winger.

Not quite finished the chapter today but it'll be sorted tomorrow in a jiffy (in theory). So today I got myself 2214 words down. Huzzah!!

Quite happy if not delirious about the chapter and at least it's better than err... that damn Chapter 6 issue. Still ain't had chance to decide what I'm doing with that one! Got a week at most to decide on that. Thinking hat on.

To be on par I'd be on 35k... and guess what? I only am. Get in!

Upto date 2111

Today's WC: 2214
Total WC: 35,061

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