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Day Twenty Three: Forty Thou

Day Twenty Three was another working day in sunny north Wales and a day for my writing group meeting too. I wanted to keep my numbers up on Fergie Time, if I wrote around 2k again it would look pretty good for getting to the goal some time next week; maybe a day or two early. Getting to a point where five days of 2k words would take me to the finishing line would be spot on.

Today I ended up writing in two blocks. One in which I wrote about 1800 words in the early evening and another late on when I wrote another 1100. With this I ended up with my most prolific writing day - with some 2946 words of Chapter 8 done. Got probably less than a third of this chapter to go to.

Shame to miss Poised Pen meeting tonight (it was for a valid reason and not just because they were not having the meeting in a real ale pub tonight), but getting the best part of three thousand words down seems like it was well worth it. Especially as it means I've <10k to go now (or to put it another way I'm 80% done!).

The set up is all done and the remaining part of the chapter involves an attempt of administering some illicit drugs during the Cheltenham Festival to an unsuspecting individual and another even less suspecting individual becoming the centre of attention as farce once again prevails. And thanks to Gary from Hounslow with or without insider knowledge from a Far East betting syndicate our intrepid hero dressed as a waiter becomes suddenly rich... because you can do that if you're writing this stuff.

LFC Signing 300
AJ Signing at LFC (never made an appearance; they don't know what they've missed)

Today's WC: 2946
Total WC: 40,315

Keep Writing Folks!
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