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Argh. Almost Painful

This morning I found out I'd looked my website up. I'd done some housekeeping on my laptop and as part of that it appears I deleted an important Rapidweaver file (an .rwsw one). This meant that while all the main files were all fine the thing that basically holds it all together was gone and there aint no way of creating it backwards from there. Argh. Had me worried a bit during the day. But realised that I did have a back up from a month or so ago.

The simplest, maybe the only way, was to copy the file from the last back up from May. This meant I'd lost my last six blogs and, more worryingly the Seedling Challenges from 71-75. Of course I could copy the text from the online website and paste it back in the website creator, but it would mean I would lose the comments (stories from those Seedling Challenges I needed to update. Luckily and sadly in the last month there have only been stories from me and Sal - and one last week from Nina. I've copied all these and can upload if required, but assume Sal and Nina will want to put there's up from their address. We will see.

Main thing is it could have been a lot worse. And I'm glad I do backups occasionally. Keep up with your backups people - and do be careful deleting shite from computer. Schoolboy error.

In the meantime if you fancy doing some writing then check out the
Seedling Challenge. Don't leave it to Sal and me. :-)
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