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Day Nineteen: Like a Bird on a Wire

Day Nineteen and it's a day off. Woo hoo! Last two days I had off I ended up - not unsurprisingly - not writing at all. Naughty! Had a full day at work yesterday and had no time to write as I battled through the hail and storms to go and watch Low Anthem at Leaf on Bold Street in the evening.

I've seen Low Anthem a few times now - the Deaf Institute gig ranks as one of my Top Ten ever gigs (probably, maybe I need to write down a top ten and see what I come up with... a job for later) - and they've changed. First gig I've been to for a while, and I'm not sure having been there that I can even call it a gig. It was more a performance piece. Certainly not a hits show or sing-a-long. Although they did get us to sing with them at the end on Like a Bird on a Wire. Enjoyed the performance piece. Even my shushing was fun. Shhhhush!

Anyway, to the writing. Having not written yesterday I'm a little behind, but not that far. I've got to make up those 1667 words up over the next few days. Shouldn't be a problem. I managed it last week after all.

This morning I've gone in and finally finished Chapter 5. Was beginning to think that would never happen. I'm now thinking I may split it into two chapters actually, we'll see. The Christmas Crawl could probably stand alone; even if the protagonists can't stand at all by the end of it.

Anyway, I rattled off 2000 words in just over a couple of hours. Chapter finished. Decent word count.

Happy with that, Charlie Darwin? Yup!

Writing hint of the day: TURN OFF TWITTER!!

Today's WC: 2030
Total WC: 30,659
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