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Not So Sweet Carolina

Uploaded yet another song on to YouTube: 'Sweet Carolina' by Ryan Adams. That's eight songs now, eek! One of the songs (along with One I Love, Van Diemen's Land and Splendid Isolation) that I can currently play without requiring the words there - at least as comfort for me. Current song list up there comprises:

  • Sweet Carolina (Ryan Adams)
  • Hotel California (Eagles)
  • Somewhere Down the Road (Chuck Prophet)
  • Couldn't Get Arrested (Green On Red)
  • Splendid Isolation (Warren Zevon)
  • Van Diemen's Land (U2)
  • One I Love (REM)
  • Better Be Home Soon (Crowded House)

Sweet Carolina
'Sweet Carolina'

I need to choose another song to learn this week. Will have a wee think about that tomorrow. Will also be re-doing 'Better Be Home Soon' as the version up there is absolutely pants at the moment.

Have kept the original poorer Hotel California up there for now - just for the comedy value and Football Focus moment. ;-)

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