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Day Twenty: Angel Dust and real ale

Day Twenty and it's another day off. Yes, I have had a weekend! A rare and beautiful thing to have two successive weekends. After writing some 2000 words yesterday the challenge was to do a similar amount today. I also had to pick up on a new chapter after finally finishing Chapter 5.

So Chapter 6 next, obviously. Well, maybe obvious to you, but not to me. I've had to skip to Chapter 7! What? Well, my idea for Chapter 6 is quite well formed but I have a stumbling block in it that I haven't been able to roll out of the way yet. So rather than puzzle that out I'v skipped straight to the next chapter - as I'd struggle to write Chapter 6 with the problem not fully resolved. I'll have a think over the next few days in quieter moments and I'm sure I'll come up with some cunning plan for it, but in the meantime it's onwards and upwards with Chapter 7 - 'A Sprinkling of Angel Dust'

It's another chapter that's seen my Google tracking take an unusual course. So MI6 or those guys in the Pentagon will be wondering about what this AJ Walker chap is up to. Recent internet searches: 'bomb making' 'drones' 'PCP' 'bazooka' 'remote controls' etc

It's an idea that has been easier to run with than C6, and I've got the main character, Joe, finally telling someone what's going on in his life. The dialogue was dead easy to write and I reeled off 2188 words in double quick time.

Hoping I can finish the chapter tomorrow and get fully back on par. Another 2150 words tomorrow would put me bang on track.

Keep writing and keep rationing your Twitter (or FB) use. I'm of for a pint of real ale down the newly reopened Lion Tavern. Huzzah!

NaNo Update

Today's WC: 2188
Total WC: 32,847
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