A.J. Walker


18 Books

Not caught up on my reading target but hey, no-one died.

18 Books

Eighteen books in and still going on. Next one may be quick (it's got lots of big pictures of maps in it).

Reading has included some cracking authors including;

  • Arthur C Clarke,
  • Bill Bryson,
  • Terry Pratchett,
  • Neil Gaiman,
  • Anthony Burgess,
  • CS Lewis,
  • Colson Whitehead,
  • Paul Beatty,
  • Kurt Vonnegut, and
  • Joseph Conrad.

All 18 Books

Reading for next six months expected to include some more of the usual suspects including at the very least;

  • Iain M. Banks,
  • Margaret Atwood,
  • Philip Pullman,
  • Mervyn Peak, and
  • George Orwell.

And, yes, I will leave some time for some writing.
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