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The Infernal Clock: DeadCades is Out!

It's the First of bloody October for crying out loud! Where has the year gone? Anyway the good thing about that is that October is the month of Halloween, ain't it? So there's no better time to release a horror anthology I reckon. And so here it is, the latest anthology pulled together by the infamous Shakes and Ellis: 'DeadCades - The Infernal Decimation'. Click on Tim Youster's brilliant cover below and it'll take you to that there Amazon lot and there you'll be able to purchase it. I know I'll be reading it this week. Dang! I've a lot of reading on at the moment.

My story, which is for the 2020s, is right at the very end so you'll have lots of great stories to read first before getting to my vision of the future. When you've finished reading it don't forget to put up a review on Amazon and/or GoodReads.

DeadCades - Web - 200

Now I've just got to get Amazon Author Central to get my name added as a contributor. I'm hoping it'll be easier than last time.
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