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Day Eight: Please God, Not Trump

Day Eight of NaNo and it's been another working day. I've so far managed to write every day. As I've said I'm aware though that I've probably got at least four days when I won't be writing - or at least not writing more than low hundreds if I'm lucky. So at some point during the month I'll either have to get ahead of the game or play catch-up. I suspect it'll be the latter but even if I just write a bit more at this stage, and get a hundred or two down on the 'non-writing days' it will be less daunting towards at the end.

I've done 1826 words by 7pm which is pretty much par again for number done per day so far. The chapter seems a bit rambling to me and I've found it quite hard to get down, but I've only really got the last third of it to do now which as a 'set play' type of event should be easier to write once I get into it. I hope!

Today for my brief Google research I've mostly been searching for electrical 'accidents'. Ha ha!

My hero, for want of a better word, is off to cause mayhem and it won't end well. I know that, even if he doesn't.

May get a few more words down later. In fact if I can get down another 250 or so that'll put me a full day ahead i.e. leave me okay for one of those 'days off'. Now if that's not an incentive then I don't know what is. Anyway my word counts (for now) are:

Today's WC: 1826
Total WC: 14,758

Updated this website with the ability to track it on GoSquared and added Comments from Disqus. Flip I used to know this stuff. I've had to learn about it again. And it'd changed. So will see if I've sorted that right or not...

So only added another 252 words to get up to 15,010.

Tomorrow will try and finish the chapter...

now I'm off to bed and will fall asleep listening to the BBC and the news on well.... Please God, Not Trump.... Sleep well folks - it's worse than Halloween this.

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