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Long Forgotten Songs

After achieving my aim of writing more than one thousand words today I treated myself to playing some guitar - if that is a treat. And I looked at playing something I haven't played since back in the 1990s: 'N17' by Saw Doctors. I strummed it a few times then tried to record it with iMovie using the Snowball mic to practice using both - I'm not used at all to this iMovie yet. This time I put the mic in the mic stand though it is just loosely held as opposed to screwed in as the old stand doesn't have a screw fit. May have to consider buying a swing arm for the mic. But hell, I'll leave that for today. In the meantime I put N17 up on to that there YouTube channel.

Finding the lyrics in my old music file led me to looking back at our old 'posters' and set lists for gigs we ('Smithdown') did in 1993 and 1994. The main thing it illustrates is how much computing has changed since that time - can't even recall what word processor we were using back then (I think Wordstar 6 or maybe 7?). The other thing is how many songs we bloody played - over twenty. I suppose we did actually practice back then. I'm only just getting back up to double figures now #musttryharder

These are the posters for two gigs - one at Kitty O'Shea's (RIP) 'Don't go on Saturday, GO ON TUESDAY!' in August 1993 and the other at the Liverpool Irish Centre (also sadly RIP) at Christmas 1994, where we got the 'The Hooleys' to play - and ended with the 'Terry Tuppence' disco. I've not got the set list for the 1994 xmas gig but I've got the set lists for the Kitty's gig and the 1993 Xmas gig at the British Legion, Mossley Hill.

Kittys Poster

Set List 170893

xmas93 poster

Set List 101293

Maybe I should go back to some of these songs to up my current repertoire back up towards twenty a bit quicker than I have been. I could definitely feel a rendition of 'I Useta Lover' (or the infamous 'Stood Up, Deffed Out and Desperate') would go down well at the open mic; currently the only songs from these sets that I have played at the open mic are 'One I Love' and 'Heart Breaks Like the Dawn'.

That said, I think there's only a few of these I would want to (re) add to my repertoire - probably '110 in the Shade' (yet another Chuck Prophet), 'One' (U2), 'Fisherman's Blues' (Waterboys) and maybe 'Sweet Child of Mine' (Guns and Roses). Let's see...

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