A.J. Walker


The Return of Microcosms


A nice surprise to me last week was the return of the Microcosms flash writing challenge. I didn't notice until Friday though it had been up for six days. So it's only been a week but there have already been two challenges. I've written for both of them. If you haven't seen it before - or need a reminder - it involves three elements which are required for the story. In the first week the elements were: 'Serial Killer - Castle - Sci-Fi'. And this week it was 'C.E.O - Protest - Horror.' You can see that'd be a challenge; especially with only a maximum of 300 words to use in the stories.

One handy option in the way this challenge works is that you can spin the elements to chose select other ones in the event that the chosen ones don't float your boat. I'll generally try and use the ones provided first up; a challenge is a challenge after all,

Anyways get yourself down there and write a story - or two. At the very least it's fun, if sometimes a stretch. Welcome back,
Microcosms and thanks to those involved in its resurrection.
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