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Flash Memories and Lost Memories

I found a document in my Dropbox yesterday called 'Snow' and I really quite enjoyed the story. The thing is that I don't remember writing it or why it is in my Dropbox. I searched my Hard Drive for the story and can't find it on my computer. So did I write it? Or did someone send it to me for some reason? But if so why would it be in my Dropbox and not emailed to me? I've checked my emails both sent and received and there's no sign of it. Currently I am running out of ideas about where it has come from. I'm fairly sure it is mine, but normally it would be on my computer if that was the case. All very odd.

Whilst I've been searching my computer I've found so many flash stories of up to 500 words. I used to write so much more of these as I regularly took part in
Flash Friday Fiction and Angry Hourglass and a range of other writing opportunities that don't seem to be there anymore. I've got a single document that I've inserted over 250 stories I wrote for a range of challenges and competitions. I can barely remember some of these.

The 250 stories were written for all these:

  • Race the Date
  • Visdare
  • Mid Week Blues Buster
  • Finish That Thought
  • Thursday Thoughts
  • Microbookends
  • Trifecta
  • Last Line First
  • Angry Hourglass
  • Flash Friday Fiction

Blasts from the past a lot of them. Which others do you remember doing? Or not…

A lot of my stories have good titles that make me want to read them. It is amazing how much you (or at least, I) don't recall. I'm thinking of dipping into that document and putting up some of them up here in the
Fictions section. Would be a shame to just leave them sat there (though most were put on websites for the above challenges at the time. Not sure how many still exist). So keep an eye out for such stories as;

  • Dogs and Lust
  • Cheesecake
  • Sometimes Only a Boo Will Do
  • The Sausage Lesson
  • Old Owl and the Arrogant Giant
  • The Ape Factory
  • Shooting Unicorns Is Bad Form
  • Widdle Finishes One Enterprise and Begins Another
  • Your Future in a Soup
  • A Meeting of Pasties
  • Christmas: Plausible Deniability
  • Mister Bunnykins Goes for a Spin
  • The Infamous Uncle Enzo

I mean, I'm intrigued and I apparently wrote 'em.

Anyway it makes me want to get back into writing at least a couple of flash stories a week (up to 500 words - or even beyond) and I can start a new document to put them into so that when I look at it in five years time I can marvel once again at what I've forgotten.

In the meantime I'm at a loss at what more I can do with the 'Snow' in the Dropbox as I can't be sure it's mine to do anything with. Crazy, I think you'd agree.
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