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Day Three: Na No No Yeah

Day Three of NaNo and it was a question of getting in and trying to finish of the chapter. I've actually started on Chapter 2. The reason being I can plough straight into the story while Chapter 1 is more a bit of scene and character setting. I'll get back to that between chapters at some point.

The whole book is planned (and I use that word in the loosest sense) to have a round TEN chapters - I think - which is damn handy as far as planning is concerned. If I can write ten 5000 words per chapter then I am there, aren't I? If I'm short or need to finish off the story beyond I may find myself with an Epilogue as a hand word dump *ahem*. It is all go with the flow, aint it?

The first chapter is going to be short though, I am sure, so I'll be needing words elsewhere but it's too early to see how closely the sections will match. Some chapters/events will be more complicated than others.

In terms of word count today I've come in under the 1667 words again, with an almost round 1450 but that's okay with the extra words yesterday the average over the three days is just about spot on at 5188. Hallelujah!

It means I can get me usual Thursday pint in and not worry about falling behind with each word not typed. As I'm commuting for my beer I could print out the 16 pages (?!!) and see how it reads. But it may be a bit early for self criticism and editing...

BTW I realise I haven't said what the 'story' is about yet. But I'll post stuff about it over the coming week or two. Don't you worry.

See you tomorrow - for a new chapter (1 or 3? We will see.)

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