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A Watch Too Far

A Watch Too Far (or not, it never seemed to know for sure)

I’ve always worn a watch. When I’ve not got one on I feel like I’ve not got fully dressed. Over the last few years I have tried a couple of monitoring ones. Whilst I prefer the look of a nice manual watch I quite liked some of the information on heart rate and sleeping—and even those pesky steps. But the watch I’ve been wearing lately was been my sister’s old Huawei GT2 watch after she got a new smartwatch at Christmas and I’ve got to the point with it now that I’ve stopped wearing it from this weekend. I’ve found my faithful and favourite Rotary is not working at the moment (I’m assuming the battery needs replacing) so I am actually going to be watchless for a few days. Ye gads! I’ll get it sorted at the end of the week as I got an Unlimited Replacement from Timpsons when I last changed its battery—and most incredibly I’ve found the card. Wonders will never cease.

Farewell, Matey. Time for you to get up and get ta….

The thing that wound me up the most about the Huawei was it’s constant menacing with the vibrating and the ‘Get Up and Move Around’ message. Particularly when you were actually up and moving around. Getting shouted at is bad enough, but when you’re actually doing stuff and it’s shouting out it really was too much. At its most annoying it would tell me the same when I was delivering beers at work. I’ve actually pushed around 100 kilos around whilst covering up to 2km and it’ll tell me to get up and move. So in fact it’ll be the most exercise of the week whilst it is badgering me. Of course pushing casks around on a trolley would mean your arms aren’t moving like when you walk. Grrr. No more!

Anyway I know I move enough thank you and I can live without the data. Let’s get a nice normal analogue thing going. Even if it’s a quartz one and not a manual wind up, or even an automatic one (I kinda miss my dodgy Chinese Rolex).
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